Promyze changelog
Promyze changelog

4.11.0 - Skills sets and Teams/Slack/Discord/Mattermost integrations




Introduce the Skills

A skill is a domain of knowledge that can be linked to existing and new best practices you'll create with Promyze. Users earn points when they contribute to a best practice associated with a skill. This feature intends to:

  • Highlight your current skills the ones you want to address in the future;
  • Get an overview of who have the highest score in a specific domain of knowledge so that they can be identified as experts in your organization;
  • Introduce a new gamification system in Promyze;

Discover more on skills here.





We're now integrated in communication tools

You can now get notifications from Promyze directly in Slack, Microsoft Teams, Mattermost and Discord. In this release, you'll be notified when users perform the following actions:

  • A positive or negative example has been identified on a best practice;
  • A correction to a negative example has been suggested;
  • A question/discussion topic has been raised;
  • A battle has been started.

Discover how to set up notifications here.




  • Users can now remove themself from any space

If you're using Promyze On-Premise, just run:

docker pull promyze/promyze:4.11.0

To see what's coming next, check our feature request board and roadmap.

4.10 - Upgrade on automatic suggestions & onboarding revamp




πŸ’‘ Upgrade on automatic suggestions

This topic condenses most of the change of this release.

First of all, we withdrew the legacy keywords vectors, so only the regular expression system is available. This enabled us to improve the suggestions provided in your Promyze plugins and to earn precision in the results we provide. To benefit from this new system, please update to one of the following versions of the Promyze plugins:




πŸ›¬ Onboarding revamp

It’s simple to get started with Promyze, and we just made it even more straightforward.

You can now create your Promyze account, we set up a default space, so you get started in seconds with a step-by-step product tour. For new users that you would invite to your space, we updated the onboarding for a better experience.




🎨 UX Improvements

We applied multiple fixes and upgrade, mainly in the Workshop and Suggestion Management sections, to enhance the user experience.

If you're using Promyze On-Premise, just run:

docker pull promyze/promyze:4.10.0

To see what's coming next, check our feature request board and roadmap.

4.9.1 - Filter suggestions & share craft workshop report




🌟 You can now share a Craft Workshop report

During a Craft Workshop, on the Tab "practices review," you now have the possibility to visualize a Craft Workshop report.

Available in HTML/RawText format, these reports can be sent using your favorite mail client. 





πŸ› οΈ Filter categories of practices for the automatic suggestions

Users can customize the categories of practices for which they want to get suggestions in their IDE or during a code review. It's possible to exclude some categories of practices from the suggestions. To configure this, click on Profile (your avatar) -> Administration -> Suggestions.Then, you'll be able to input the categories of practices you want to exclude from the suggestions. See the full documentation here.




🌟 Other fixes

  • An issue with multi-lined regular expressions has been fixed 
  • Styling with Markdown rendering has been improved 
  • An issue with JWT token has been fixed

4.9.0 - Raise questions/topics, and manage suggestions




🌟 You can now raise questions and submit topics, discuss them and create new best practices!

So far, you could submit best practices to Promyze with your IDE or code review pluginsπŸš€ But some of our users told us they were sometimes unclear or uncertain about a best practice, and wanted to ask or show something to their team. And it turns out a Craft Workshop is a perfect place to raise such discussions!

From your Promyze plugins, you can now identify a piece of code and submit a discussion topic / question to Promyze for the next Craft Workshop, for instance, if:

  • You'd like clarifications on a coding standard found in your code;
  • You've got a question on the understanding of a pattern or a piece of code;
  • You're convinced a best practice is not followed but can't really explicit it or name it so far, and need your team's opinions.


Each topic is a good starting point for a discussion in a Craft Workshop, and one next step is to create a best practice from that. That's why submitting topics to your team is a simple way to share knowledge and enrich your repositories practices.

You just need to update your Promyze plugins to benefit from this feature, at least the following versions:

  • JetBrains 5.2.0
  • Visual Studio 4.1.0
  • Visual Studio Code 6.1.0
  • Eclipse 2.3.0



πŸ› οΈ A dedicated page for managing the automatic suggestions is available

From the "Our Practices" menu there is a link to a page called "Manage Suggestions". This module will help you to:

  • Get statistics on the number of suggestions sent for each of your practice
  • Identify which practices have been configured for automatic suggestions
  • Enable or disable the suggestions for a practice.




  • A Regular Expression can now be added from the plugins when you create a new best practice
  • Fixed an issue with the OpenLDAP connection
  • Fixed a minor issue with the creation of new practice from the Web browser plugin